Animal Welfare Support

Society for Animals in Distress

Craighall Veterinary Hospital is a proud supporter of the Society for Animals in Distress. We are a drop of facility for any unwanted items for donation to this worthy cause. The Society for Animals in Distress collect these items from our premises weekly and sell them to fund their organisation. Bi-anually our Planet Pets retail shop participates in fundraising for animals in need with a spring raffle and a winter blanket collection drive.

The Lacey Project


This is the story about Lacey, a brown cross breed dog, who inspired the Lacey Project.

Earlier this year Lacey was brought into the Craighall Veterinary Hospital as a stray, she was petrified, neglected and had numerous medical issues. She was kept and treated at the Craighall Veterinary Hospital until the SPCA could collect her. Within a few days her big heart and gentle, goofy personality started to shine through and was so grateful for any attention given to her. There was something special about Lacey and everyone immediately fell in love with her!

To everyone’s dismay, her owner never came forward to look for her, which is the case with most animals going missing.

Lacey was collected by the SPCA because it is a legal requirement in terms of the By-Laws of the City of Johannesburg for all stray animals to be taken to the animal pound.

Sadly, Lacey developed Kennel Cough during the pound period at the SPCA and had to be euthanised. While Kennel Cough is a minor and very easily treatable disease, it is a disaster in kennels with hundreds of dogs. Kennel Cough is highly contagious and spreads like wild fire.

It will be highly irresponsible of the SPCA to keep an animal with a contagious disease amongst others healthy animals. The sad reality is that without quarantine facilities the only other alternative is euthanasia to avoid spreading the contagious diseases.

The only way to prevent this from happening in the future is to raise money to build a separate quarantine kennel facility at the Sandton SPCA where animals with contagious diseases can be kept and treated during their pound period and while they recover.

Unfortunately, we live in a country where government funding cannot be relied upon, animals are not a priority and concerned citizens need to take matters into their own hands to save the lives of our animals.

PLEASE HELP the Sandton SPCA to raise the much-needed funds by supporting the #LaceyProject.

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